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Tantárgyi program 2019/2020

I. Alapadatok

A tantárgy kódja:432_4320VTE
A tantárgy megnevezése (magyarul):International Marketing
A tantárgy neve (angolul):International Marketing
A tanóra száma
(Előadás + szeminárium /gyakorlat/egyéb):
Two 90 minute classes per week = 43.5 hours per semester
Becsült hallgatói munkaóra: (kpx30)180
A tantárgy meghirdetésének gyakorisága:Fall
Az oktatás nyelve:English
Előtanulmányi kötelezettségek:Marketing
A tantárgy típusa:
Tantárgyfelelős tanszék:Marketingkutatás és Fogyasztói Magatartá Tanszék
A tantárgyfelelős neve:Kelemen Zita Anikó

II. A tantárgy célja (a fenntarthatóság szempontjai)

A tantárgy célja:
A student after finishing the course should be able to:
 understand the role of cultural differences in intercultural communication and marketing strategies
 develop cultural understanding and tolerance
 prepare a comprehensive analysis of the business environment of a country
 evaluate companies’ international marketing activity
 design companies’ marketing activities in foreign markets
 design an international marketing plan
 develop decision-making and analytical skills through the use of real cases and exercises
 develop skills on how to work effectively as part of a team, and build a cooperative atmosphere among team members while analyzing and presenting group projects.

A fenntarthatóság szempontjai:
The course covers sustainability issues in case studies dealing with challenges in emerging countries.

IV. A tantárgy tervezett tanulási eredményei (fejlesztendő szakmai kompetenciák)

Knowing the main cultural concepts of Hall, Hofstede. Being able to identify the impact of culture on marketing activities.
Application of PESTEL, PORTER's 5 forces and Diamond model.
Knowing the different options of entering to a foreign markets advantages and disadvantages. OLI paradigm etc.
Understanding the challenges of global consumerism
Understanding the complexity between the balance of standardization and adaptation with regards to the 4 Ps

Develop analytical sills in order to identify underlying factors that infulence international marketing activities
Develop skills to being able to intergrate the different factors influencing business decisions
Working in international teams
Develop communication skills in order to present in a given time period all data and solutions

Being open to other cultures and world views
Open to share his/her views in class
Being open to accept different reflections of others on given topics
Keeping the ethical norms of constructive disscussions

Szakspecifikus tanulási eredmények (opcionális)

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