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The Retail Research Centre is a project organization of the Marketing and Media Institute. The research centre aims to study the up-to-date challenges of domestic and international retailing from both business and consumer’s point of view. The research organization strives for building and maintaining relationship with leading retailers and retail-related organizations to motivate the exchange of information between researchers and retail managers. The Retail Research Centre is committed to theoretically and methodological founded research projects that lead to research results with business relevance for the retail sector and to high level publications in domestic and international journals.


Further results of our retail innovation and geographical expansion research will be presented in the poster session at the EMAC 2017 Conference on May 23 in Groningen, Netherland. The abstract of the poster can be accessed here.

New academic paper "CRM Strategies in the Banking and Insurance Sector" was published in Budapest Management Review based on the CRM Panorama research project. The abstract of the paper can be found here.

We presented a competitive paper "How International Diversification Influences the Innovation Activity and Performance of the Large European Grocery Retailers?" in the Retailing session at the EMAC 2016 Conference in Oslo, Norway. The abstract of the conference paper is available here.

A conceptual paper "Impact of diversification and innovation on performance of European Retailers" was presented at the ISPIM Innovation Conference held in Budapest (Hungary) June 14-17 June 2015. The abstract of the conference paper can be reached here.


Corvinus University of Budapest
Marketing and Media Institute
Retail Research Centre
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Tel.  +36 1 482-5275
Email: retailresearchcentre@uni-corvinus.hu

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