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The Retail Research Centre is a project organization of the Marketing and Media Institute.
The research centre aims to study the up-to-date challenges of domestic and international retailing from both business and consumer’s point of view.
The research organization strives for building and maintaining relationship with leading retailers and retail-related organizations to motivate the exchange of information between researchers and retail managers. The Retail Research Centre is committed to theoretically and methodological founded research projects that lead to research results with business relevance for the retail sector and to high level publications in domestic and international journals. 

Corvinus University of Budapest
Marketing and Media Institute
Retail Research Centre
H-1093 Budapest, Fővám ter 8.
Tel.  +36 1 482-5275
Email: retailresearchcentre(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu


Zombor Berezvai joined a new research project that investigates the trends and challenges of fashion retailing. The research is sponsored by the Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency. The project leader is Adam Csepeti, adjunct professor of the Marketing Department. More information on the project can be found here.

Irma Agárdi, head of the Retail Research Centre was the guest speaker (Emotions and functions: people-technology relationships in retailing)at the business conference of Laurel Retail at October 2, 2019 where retail companies and technology firms have participated.

Irma Agárdi was invited to the Innoskart Professional Day and spoke about "Clustering with the competitor: the effects of horizontal co-operations on firm's operation."  The event was organized for food processing and retail companies at September 19, 2019.

The Corvinus University of Budapest and the SPAR Hungary Ltd. established a research co-operation where the Retail Research Cenre will perform  market research and consulting activities for SPAR, one of the largest Hungarian grocery retailing company.

New publications!

Members of the Retail Research Centre (Irma Agárdi, Zombor Berezvai and Mirkó Gáti) attended at the annual conference of the European Marketing Academy in Hamburg with the following presentations.

  • Zombor Berezvai, Irma Agárdi, Judit Szabolcsné Orosz (2019): The impact of digital innovations on grocery retail performance.
  • Irma Agárdi, Zombor Berezvai, Judit Szabolcsné Orosz  (2019): The Role of Digital Innovations in the Integration of Retail Channels.

Researchers of the Retail Research Centre participated in the 9th Regional Conference of European Marketing Academy at September 12-14, 2018 in Prague with the following papers:

  • Berezvai Zombor (2018): The Impact of Retail Regulations on Consumer Prices. In: Jaromil, Antal; Petr, Král (szerk. 2018): Marketing Challenges, Innovations and Trends in Emerging Markets. 9th EMAC Regional Conference, University of Economics in Prague: Prague, p. 36
  • Alt, Monika-Anetta–Agárdi Irma –Berezvai Zombor (2018): Acceptance of Mobile Payment at Retailer’s Point of Sales: The Moderating Role of National Culture. In: Jaromil, Antal; Petr, Král (szerk. 2018): Marketing Challenges, Innovations and Trends in Emerging Markets. 9th EMAC Regional Conference, University of Economics in Prague: Prague, p. 51

Our application for the research program " From Talent to Young Researcher" EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00007 has been been supported!  Irma Agardi (project leader), Zombor Berezvai (PhD student) and Judit Szabolcsné Orosz (MSc student) has joined the research project. The project is supported by the European Union, Hungary, and European Social Fund. The research project covers the effects of digital innovations on grocery retail companies.

Irma Agárdi and Tamás Gyulavári held a presentation about the trends in international grocery retailing at the management meeting of SPAR Hungary at July 3, 2018.

Students of the Marketing Channels master course (Attila Molnár, Judit Szabolcsné Orosz , Georgina Ujhelyi ,Lilla Tóth, Alexandra Bődy) and two members of the Retail Research Centre (Irma Agardi, Zombor Berezvai) participated in the conference of Laurel Retail konferencián at May 16, 2018 where we could expore the most recent retail technologies and trends. Thank you for the invitation of Laurel Ltd!

Irma Agárdi, the head of the Retail Research Centre gave a presentation with the title of "Retailing as a digital universe" in the conference of FMCG TOP Future Store  April 27, 2018. Press release can be accessed at: elelmiszer.hu/kereskedelem/cikk/jovot__de_meg_ma

Participaton in new faculty research project Social Innovation (EFOP 362). Irma Agardi is working on the topic of Short Supply Chain and studying the manufacturers and distributors operating short food supply chains. The short description of the project can be found in the following link.

  Members of the Retail Research Centre (Zombor Berezvai, Irma Agardi) and Monika-Anetta Alt (Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca)
 held a succesful presentation with the title "International diversification and marketing innovation: surviving strategies of FMCG retailers
 in a time of crisis"
at the 8th EMAC Regional Conference at September 21, 2017 in Timisoara. The abstract of the paper can be accessed here.

Recent success of our international retail research that the paper of Zombor Berezvai, Irma Agardi, Anetta-Monika Alt (Geographical expansion and innovation patterns related to the change of performance of FMCG retailers) received the Best Paper award at the EMOK Conference. The abstract of the paper can be accessed here.

New journal paper (International diversification and the innovation activity and performance of leading fast-moving consumer goods retailers) was published by Irma Agardi, Zombor Berezvai and Anetta-Monika Alt in the July-August issue of the Economic Review.

Further results of our retail innovation and geographical expansion research will be presented in the poster session at the EMAC 2017 Conference on May 23 in Groningen, Netherland. The abstract of the poster can be accessed here.
New academic paper "CRM Strategies in the Banking and Insurance Sector" was published in Budapest Management Review based on the CRM Panorama research project. The abstract of the paper can be found here.
We presented a competitive paper "How International Diversification Influences the Innovation Activity and Performance of the Large European Grocery Retailers?" in the Retailing session at the EMAC 2016 Conference in Oslo, Norway. The abstract of the conference paper is available here.

A conceptual paper "Impact of diversification and innovation on performance of European Retailers" was presented at the ISPIM Innovation Conference held in Budapest (Hungary) June 14-17 June 2015. The abstract of the conference paper can be reached here.

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